Company Profile

River Eagle Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides a diverse service ranging from producing, processing, and trading all types of hardware parts, including in automobiles, locomotives, computers, communications, furniture industry. Apart from the convenience of procuring a set of specifications, the company also provides customized specification from clients.
All employees have active attitudes and over twenty years of producing, processing and trading experience to serve clients with the high standard quality concept.

The company has been certified ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 on June 10th and July 8th in 2019.
We complete every deal by complying our 3 solid spirits of quality policies-solid technology, sound quality and the implementation of customer service.
Main products and services are U-Nuts, Cage Nuts, Retaining Rings, Washers, Push Nuts, Pins, Springs specification, and other custom design services.

Production mode


Export Market


Competitive Advantages

‧Accepting custom orders and product-development projects

‧Quality-guaranteed production control

‧Conscientious, speedy order-filling

‧Continual personnel training


【ISO 9001︰2015】

【IATF 16949︰2016】